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What is Gifting?

Gifting allows you to buy a subscription or Pay-per-view credits for someone as a gift. You need to be registered on the Genes site before you can purchase a gift.

You can buy a subscription or credits for someone by clicking on the 'Gifts' link at the top of the site, or on the 'Buy a Gift' tab in the 'Gift Subscriptions' box on the right hand side of your home page.

Once you've selected the gift you'd like to buy and made your payment, you'll see a voucher code which you can either pass on or print off for the recipient so that they can redeem their gift.

We'll also send confirmation of your purchase to your registered email address.

You do need to be registered on the site and logged into your registration before you can purchase a gift for someone. Click here if you would like to purchase.

The British Newspaper Archive

British Newspaper Archive

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